Call for a Paper

GCBT Conference 2023 

Key Deadline

Abstracts: 10 November, 2023

Full papers: 20 November, 2023

Registration Deadline: 30 November, 2023

Selected conference papers will be published in Conference Proceedings and few from selected papers may be accepted for “APR Review” which are subject to approval from the scientific committee. 

Global Conference on Business & Technology (GCBT) proudly announces its 6th  International Conference on Business and Technology  with a view to bringing together and assembling   the academics, gurus, researchers, executives, professionals, teachers (colleges/universities) and students of the world so that an opportunity is generated to exchange and share knowledge, ideas, experiences of their respective area of specialisation.  The aforementioned conference welcomes papers and posters from all the broad areas of Business & Management, Economics & Finance, Social Sciences and Health Studies. We encourage any paper (empirical results, /poster of Business and allied disciplines. A list of the areas is appended below (but the conference is not limited to these areas only). To ensure the quality and suitability of the papers, all papers will undergo a double-blind review process. The authors would be notified about the results and outcomes within two weeks after receiving the same. However, we provide enough feedbacks and guidelines for the rejected papers so that a corrected and quality paper is resubmitted.  All accepted abstracts and papers would be published in the referred conference proceedings with ISSN, which would be read by millions of readers across the universe.  Further, all accepted full papers for the conference will be published in the APR review within 36-weeks from the scheduled date of the conference.  All participants (presenters and registered audience) would be issued with the conference certificates.  Best paper award (a certificate) would be also issued.  


The list of the areas for the conference (but the conference is not limited to these areas only). 

Economics & Finances

  • Economic Growth and Job Creation 
  • Business Dynamics 
  • Owner and Business Characteristics 
  • Banking & Stock Market
  • Regulatory and Tax Environment 
  • Financing and Access to Capital 
  • Geographic Considerations/Regional Clusters 
  • Globalization and Trade 
  • Emerging Economies and Economic Development 
  • Evidence-Based Policy Analysis 
  • Data and Research Gaps 
  • Economics of Public Health
  • Accounting and Insurance
  • Financial Management and allied disciplines 


Business & Management

  • Organizations and Technology Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Project and Quality Management
  • Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Decision and Risk Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • R&D strategies
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Marketing and  allied  disciplines
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Politics and Business 
  • Business Ethics
  • Logistics 
  • Contemporary Business Issues 
  • Business History 
  • Business Law
  • SMEs
  • General Management
  • Strategic Management  

Social Sciences 

  • Civic and Political Studies 
  • Cultural Studies 
  • Global Studies 
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Educational Studies 
  • Communication 
  • Demography
  • Development Studies
  • Behavioural Sciences


Health and Social Care:


  • Sociology
  • Social and Community Studies           
  • Public Health 
  • Psychology
  • Medical Sciences
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Food science 
  • Microbiology/ Biotechnology/Biochemistry
  • Occupational Health and Safety


Tourism and Hospitality 

  • Service Management, Current trends / issues of Tourism
  • Tourism marketing
  • Hospitality management
  • Tourism planning & development


Law, Patent Litigation, Regulatory Frameworks

  • Licensing & Collaboration Agreements
  • Brexit and the Impact on the Industry
  • Regulatory Frameworks
  • Competition Law & Patent Litigation

Guideline for Author

As an author, it is crucial to follow the guidelines and formatting instructions to prepare and submit your paper in order to have it published in proceedings.



Each individual is limited to one personal appearance on the programme as a presenting author. This policy precludes acceptance of papers for more than one presentation. In other words, an author can submit and present only one paper. However, a presenter can always be a non-presenting co-author on additional papers.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to submitting:

  1. Each paper can only be submitted to ONE track.
  2. Submitted papers must NOT have been previously published and if under review, must NOT appear in print before GCBT Conference.
  3. To facilitate the blind review process, remove ALL authors identifying information, including acknowledgements from the text, and document/file properties. (Any submissions with author information will be automatically DELETED; author information and acknowledgements are to be included in a SEPARATE document).
  4. The entire paper (title page, abstract, main text, figures, tables, references, etc.) must be in ONE document created in PDF format.
  5. The maximum length of the paper is 40 pages (including ALL tables, appendices and references). The paper format should follow the APR Review Style Guide.
  6. Use Times New Roman 12-pitch font, double spaced, and 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around.
  7. Number all of the pages of the paper.
  8. No changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship, track and actual paper can occur AFTER the submission deadline.
  9. Check that the PDF File of your paper prints correctly and ensure that the file is virus-free. Submissions will be done on-line on the website.
  10. Only submissions in English shall be accepted for review.
  11. In case of acceptance, the author or one of the co-authors should be available to present the paper at the conference. A presenting author can only present one paper at the conference.

If you submit a paper, you agree to review at least two papers for GCBT. 


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